Thank you to everyone who attended the 2017 Houses of Hope dinner in Cheatham County. If you missed it, click here to see photos from the event.


The next Cheatham Habitat for Humanity build is April 7, 2018. Call Director Jeff Bennett at 615.441.9967 to find out how you can get involved.




Sixth Habitat Home Dedicated on Sunday

Cheatham Habitat for Humanity helped Moses Jonathan Del Carpio, the first homeowner in his family, cut the ribbon to his new Habitat home on Sunday with all this sponsors and volunteers. Habitat homeowners work hard for the opportunity to own a home. Jonathan attended homeownership class and worked with his sponsors and volunteers to better his life. 


Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who made this a reality. Habitat builds homes, community and hope.




Nickels for Nails in Cheatham County Schools

Starting Feb. 20 through March 20, Cheatham County's six elementary schools will start collecting "Nickels for Nails" to support the upcoming build starting March 4. The school that raises the most money will be recognized at the dedication ceremony on March 26. We are grateful for the support from our students! For more about the build, see below.


March 4 Build Is Underway


This is the early morning group from United Structural Systems

Cheatham Habitat for Humanity is gearing up for its sixth Habitat home build Saturday, March 4 at 7:30 a.m. for a single man, Moses Jonathan Del Carpio, who will be the first homeowner in his family, Jeff Bennett, Cheatham Habitat director, announced today.


Jonathan was born in New York City and moved to Mexico City where his father served in the mission field. The family then moved to Middle Tennessee where Johnathan works for a local tool supply company and also serves as the drummer at his local church. He currently rents a bedroom from family members and is looking forward to building a home for himself and his future family.


"A major part of the Habitat program is homeownership education and budget coaching. Each day that we're in the classroom, Jonathan's eyes light up as he learns something new. It's truly been a pleasure to work with him through this process. Homeownership and the Habitat education program will change his life for years to come," said Bennett.

Sponsors for Jonathan’s home are:  Todd Binkley Insurance, Dillon Transportation, John E. Mayfield Charitable Foundation, Ashland City Free Will Baptist Church, Gateway Assembly of God, Valerie Kemp Dreier CPA, Cheatham County Ministerial Alliance, Demonbreun Roofing, Pinnacle Financial Partners, RBS, Inc., R.E. West Transportation, A.O. Smith, Community Bank & Trust, Donnie & Jackie Kemp, Pegram Church of Christ, 24 Church, The Bill Bennett Memorial Fund, Nickels for Nails: Cheatham County Schools, and Walmart 1226.


Jonathan credits his family for helping him become a homeowner. "Along with my sister, the partnership I have with Habitat for Humanity will drastically change my life. In looking towards the future, having my own home will set me on the right path to providing a quality, affordable, and permanent place to raise my family,” he said.



Cheatham Habitat Dedicates Its Fifth Home

Cheatham Habitat for Humanity dedicated its fifth home for a single mom with two children. Kassandra was born in Colorado and moved to Cheatham County in 2011. She has worked for a local restaurant for two years, where she currently serves as dining room manager. The family was renting a house and are so happy to be in their new Habitat home! Kassandra says the affordability of a Habitat home will drastically change their lives. The stress of finding a stable and affordable living environment was “unbearable,” says Kassandra. She’s grateful to her friends and church family for recommending Habitat for Humanity. “We are thankful for the opportunity given to us through Habitat. The stability that Habitat provides is greatly needed in our family,” she said.


Sponsors: A.O. Smith, John and Paula Melton, RBS Inc., Community Bank & Trust, John E. Mayfield Charitable Foundation, Valerie Kemp Dreier CPA, Donnie and Jackie Kemp, Pioneer Log Systems, 24 Church, Dillon Transportation, Ashland City Free Will Baptist, Cheatham County Ministerial Alliance, DATCO, Demonbreun Roofing Inc., faculty and staff of Cheatham County School District, Gateway Assembly of God, Pegram Church of Christ, Pinnacle Financial Partners, R.E. West Transportation Inc., Renee Boehm, The Bill Bennett Memorial Fund, and Todd Binkley Insurance.


When Habitat of Greater Nashville worked to help residents in Cheatham County after the devastating floods of 2010, it became evident that the work was far from finished. A desire to have a permanent advocate for quality, affordable housing turned into the Cheatham Habitat. This commitment, along with many other volunteers and donors, saw the completion of Cheatham County's first Habitat house in 2011 for Rose Sharon, a flood survivor, and a second home for Susan Leonard in 2012, and a third home for disabled nurse and longtime Cheatham resident Rena Ewing in 2013.


2017 Cheatham Community Board

  • Keith Auville
  • Faye Bailey
  • Shayne Bell, chair
  • Stephen Carr
  • Valerie Kemp Dreier
  • Teresa Eads
  • Tony Gross
  • Patty Kennedy
  • Jean Leasure
  • Mary Littleton
  • Chris Moore
  • Jennifer Noe
  • Larry Roberts
  • Darrell White
  • Edward Wansing
  • Dianne Williams

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.